Six String Jazz - Road Song.mp3

Wes Montgomery was a very melodic guitarist who recorded his final album,"Road Song," in 1968 prior to dying that year from a heart attack. Wes worked as a welder to support his wife and seven children, having to hit the road often to travel to gigs. His skill made him a frequent player with other jazz greats and this road song tune is a tribute to his need to travel.

The trio's pianist, Ian Saylor, took a break this week to travel with his son to hike the bluffs and mountains of the west coast. We recorded 'Road Song' last week and pass it along to you.

Listen above:


Ian Saylor, piano
Rob Stiteler, drums
Wayne Renardson, bass

Recorded on a hand-held Tascam DR-40 in Wayne's living room.

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