Six String Jazz - Morning.mp3

What of a morning
That brings a day so gently
And bathes the leaves
Of memories
That fell so long ago

I still recall you
In all these early hours
Though I were there
Once more to share
A love lost long ago

Crassness of youth
Concluding only half of the truth
Exuding only one small percent
Of what I surely felt for you

And then one morning
That brought a day so gently
We set apart
Things of the heart
And lost love long ago

Clare Fischer was a pianist composer who was nominated for eleven Grammy Awards. Later (1970s) he arranged music for Robert Palmer, Paul McCartney, and Michael Jackson. But he made his bones composing Latin tunes, of which "Morning" is but one.

We'd never previously played his tune but today (July 13th) the trio gave it a try. You can hear our bold attempt here:


Ian Saylor, piano
Rob Stiteler, drums
Wayne Renardson, bass

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