Jazz Dogs - What's New.mp3

"What's New" is a great tune composed by bassist Bob Haggart (mus) & Johnny Burke (lyr) in 1939 as a monologue between two former lovers. Recorded first by Bob Crosby's orchestra and brother Bing,  in 1983 it became a monster hit for Linda Ronstadt.

What's new with us is the loss of our lovely pianist, Mesa Schubeck, who went on to two university (Belmont & MTSU) jobs, and the addition of former Dean Martini's pianist Geno Haffner. Two days ago we got together to play some tunes and "What's New?" is one of them. 

Recorded January 11, 2017 Wayne's living room on hand held Tascam D-40.

The players:

Geno Haffner, piano
Don Fishel, flute
Doug Frame, drums
Wayne Renardson, bass

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