Blue Skies.mp3

In June 2013 the band entered a contest run by Graham Waks at Left Plus Right Studios for four hours of recording time. We won and the tunes we recorded at his studio July 2rd were (1) Nova Bossa Nova: an original composition by pianist Dennis Burnside and (2) Blue Skies, a 1927 tune by Irving Berlin.

We arrived at Graham's studio at 5pm and set up our gear. It took Graham maybe fifteen minutes to set up the microphones and to test our instruments for volume, etc. We recorded 'Nova Bossa Nova' in three takes and 'Blue Skies' in two. After listening to the tunes unmixed we decided to use the additional hour and a half to mix. The finished product is above. Click on far left arrow to play.

The players:

Piano: Dennis Burnside
Drums: Hugh Bramhall
Tenor sax: Paul Thome
Flute: Don Fishel
Trumpet: Bob Ervin
Acoustic bass: Wayne Renardson

All in all, a fine, relaxed session and a pleasure for everyone involved.

If you need a good jazz trio or more, contact us.

Wayne R.

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