"Morning" is a Latin tune by Claire Fischer. It was recorded on Adam's iPhone Sat., August 30, 2014 in Wayne's living room.

The players are:

Chris Saunders, piano
Adam Mormolstein, drums
Don Fishel, flute
Wayne Renardson, bass

We were yakking when Chris decided to break into Morning. Adam had his phone on so....you can hear the result on the MP3 player below. The chart is from the old (illegal) Real Book II, p. 248. We'd never previously played the tune.

Later we did the same with a 1925 tune "Sweet Georgia Brown."  According to Wiki, the tune was first recorded on March 19, 1925 by bandleader Ben Bernie, resulting in a five-week No. 1 for Ben Bernie and his Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra. The Brother Bones recording is widely known as the theme song of the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team.

The result is below:

Nashville Jazz Dogs - Morning.mp3

Sweet Georgie Brown.mp3

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