Originally in Portuguese, the translation below:

Sad is to live in solitude
far from your tranquil altitude
Sad is to know that no one cver can live on a dream
that never can be, will never be
dreamer awake, wake up and see. Your beauty is an aeroplane
so high my heart can't bear the strain
A heart that stops when you pass by only to cause me pain
sad is to live in solitude

Six String Jazz - Triste.mp3

"Triste" in a Brazilian tune written circa 1967 by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Recorded by many artists, this version was made April 1, 2016 in Wayne's living room on a hand-held Tascam D-40. To play, click on the arrow to the left of the player above the photo.


Mesa Schubeck, piano
Don Fishel, flute
Doug Frame, drums
Wayne Renardson, bass

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